Vrederus country

If you know the upland country halfway between Rhodes and Maclear, where the Naude’s Neck Pass just about touches the clouds, then you know some of the best trout country God ever put on this fine planet. It is high altitude grassland, cold and sparse and remote, treaded throughout with mountain streams, all swift and clear and full of the promise of trout. It also happens that some of the best stillwater in South Africa is found here.  - Tom Sutcliffe

But Vrederus is not just about fly fishing. It is a place that inspires the poetic. Its remote beauty and temperamental mountain climate provide a flawless canvas for creative photographers. Unlimited hiking, horse riding, and birdwatching complete the picture. Whether you want an action filled escape, or to laze about with a good book, Vrederus is sure to give you the break you deserve.