Map & GPS coordinates

Most vehicles can be used to get here provided they are not too low on the ground. 4X4 is an advantage. It is advisable to find out about road conditions before leaving for Vrederus.

GPS coordinates for Vrederus:
-30.782, 28.2763
S30°46.92', E28°16.57'
S30°46'55", E28°16'35"

Cut and paste the coordinates into Google Maps
In Google Maps, click Get Directions
Enter your starting point.


Vrederus can be reached via Maclear, through 60km of magnificent countryside, as one twists and turns up steep gravel roads through valleys, past gorges, over plateaus and through pine forests that signify trout country.

Via Maclear

Otherwise you can travel the 60km from Rhodes to Vrederus via the famous Naude’s Neck Pass.

Via Rhodes